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A smooth, firm forehead free of lines and creases projects a youthful, relaxed quality. Because of genetics or the natural aging process, some men and women develop a heavy brow area that descends into the eyebrows making them look stern or tired. Dr. Gus Galante performs forehead lift surgery, also called a brow lift, to help people from Munster, Crown Point, and other nearby communities look reinvigorated by tightening and smoothing skin and underlying muscles.

Unfurrow your brow with the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Request a complimentary consultation online with Dr. Gus Galante or call our Valparaiso or Schererville office at (800) 721-3244.

Brow Lift
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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Case: 1 of 3
Before & After Brow Lift Case 211 Front View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
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Case #211

This 63 year old patient came to our office stating she looks mad all of the time. She complained of heavy eyelids. She was evaluated in our Indiana plastic surgery office where we noticed a very heavy brow with a sagging forehead. Quite often extra skin on the eyelids is due to a forehead that is drooping as in this case. She underwent a for... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Talking It Over

Dr. Galante will begin your consultation with a complete medical history and an examination of your face, bone structure and skin tone. Along with discussing risks and recovery, he will explain how to prepare for your procedure – including which medications, vitamins, and foods to avoid. You will receive detailed post-op instructions.

Procedure Specifics

Dr. Galante performs forehead lifts on an outpatient basis, meaning you can return home the same day. Depending on the extent of your surgery, you may receive general anesthesia or local anesthetic with mild sedation.

Dr. Galante normally makes incisions behind the hairline from ear to ear. He lifts the forehead skin from the underlying tissue and trims away excess tissue before suturing the incisions. If necessary, he then bandages the incision site.

Dr. Galante

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Forehead Lift for Men

It is a common misconception that cosmetic surgery is only for women. Every year, more men are undergoing treatments and procedures to remedy their sagging brows and foreheads. A forehead lift can be a great option for men looking to restore youthfulness and self-confidence.

A man’s brow and forehead are slightly different from a woman’s, so they are treated a bit differently in surgery. For men, surgeons need to consider the long-term effects of the forehead lift. Generally, men’s hairlines begin to recede as they age, so surgeons must be mindful of the incision placement. An experienced surgeon, like Dr. Galante, is able to adjust the surgical plan to fit the unique needs of the male patient, for the most natural results.

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A Reputation Built on Results

Dr galante did a wonderful job even better then my expectation for sure I am still so amazed how good...
Ok so I am super excited! I had my consultation and now I'm like obsessing over BOOBS! Lol I hate that...
I am scheduled for breast augmentation for May 18, 2015. I was always about B to C cup and before I...
Dr Galante and his staff make you feel very comfortable..I loved Brittany she is the sweetest..Dr Galante...

After Your Forehead Lift Procedure

Most patients will experience varying degrees of discomfort and numbness immediately following their procedure. You will feel tired for the first few days. You’ll need to avoid vigorous activities like exercise, jogging, heavy lifting, and sexual activity for a couple of weeks. You should also avoid the sun and excessive heat for about a month. You may experience itching and numbness at the incision site for several weeks. You can manage headaches and pain with the medication Dr. Galante prescribes.

Swelling will peak 72 hours after the procedure and may extend to your cheeks and eyes, but it will diminish completely after a couple of weeks. Keeping your head elevated for 3 to 4 days after the surgery will reduce initial swelling.

Brow lifts will not stop the aging process, but results usually last between 10 and 15 years. With a smoother, younger forehead, most patients feel more confident about their appearance and expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a forehead lift or eyelid surgery better for me?

It’s common for patients to feel that their brows or eyes are making them look older but to be unsure which treatment can help. In some cases, a drooping forehead can cause the eyes to look more aged, but sometimes excess eyelid skin is to blame. Some patients are good candidates for both treatments. Dr. Galante can help you understand which option is best for you.

Will my results look natural?

Yes. Dr. Galante is careful to raise the brows to a level that looks natural and youthful without putting too much tension on the skin. By customizing the procedure to meet each patient’s needs, Dr. Galante avoids results that create an unnatural or surprised look. His experience and conservative approach allow him to provide a subtle enhancement.

What is the cost of a forehead lift?

The cost varies depending on a number of factors, including whether other procedures are performed at the same time and the extensiveness of the treatment. We can provide you with a precise quote after we evaluate your needs. Dr. Galante is pleased to offer his patients financing options to help them fit their cosmetic goals into their budgets.

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