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Dr. Gus Galante performs hundreds of breast augmentation procedures at his practice in Valparaiso and Schererville, Indiana, each year. And while each patient is different, they all come to our offices with plenty of questions. To provide the women who visit his practice for breast augmentation from Merrillville, Crown Point, Munster, and surrounding areas with a more complete understanding of the surgery, he’s provided answers to many of the questions he is most often asked.

Breast Augmentation
 Before & After Photos


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Breast Augmentation
 Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Case: 1 of 9
Case: 1 of 9
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 153 View #1 View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
Before & After
Case: 1 of 8

Case #153

This 44-year-old woman took time out of her job as a laborer to learn more about breast augmentation with Dr. Galante in our Schererville office. As a mother of 5, this woman wanted a relatively conservative augmentation that restored pre-pregnancy volume to her breasts.During her consultation, she and Dr. Galante discussed h... Read More
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 3 View #1 View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
Before & After
Case: 2 of 8

Case #3

49 year old Indiana woman 5 ft. 4 in. 118 lbs. subpectoral placement of 265cc  smooth, round, saline implants. A to C cup.
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 1 View #1 View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
Before & After
Case: 3 of 8

Case #1

This patient presented to Dr. Galante in our Northwest Indiana office located in Munster, Indiana for a consultation regarding breast enlargement (breast augmentation). She was a 25 year old woman that was wearing an A cup bra and desired to be enhanced to a C cup. She had not had children yet, and wanted to fill out her tops better.Sh... Read More
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 152 View #1 View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
Before & After
Case: 4 of 8

Case #152

This 49-year-old store manager was ready for the change that breast augmentation can provide when she visited us at our Schererville office. Although she did not breastfeed her one (now fully grown) child, she felt that her breast volume was not what she wanted, and she was looking to improve her body's proportions. Before her surgery, s... Read More
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 47 View #1 View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
Before & After
Case: 5 of 8

Case #47

The patient shown in these before-and-after photos came to see Dr. Galante, a board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring, at his Northwest Indiana office. She initially was requesting treatment to improve the appearance of her abdomen but also had an interest in improving the sagginess in her... Read More
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 2 View #1 View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
Before & After
Case: 6 of 8

Case #2

This 37-year-old woman seen in these before-and-after photos presented to our Northwest Indiana office which was located in Munster (we have since moved to Schererville) for a consultation regarding breast augmentation. She lost volume in her breasts after breastfeeding each of her three children. Her desire was to be enlarged from a sma... Read More
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 81 View #1 View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
Before & After
Case: 7 of 8

Case #81

This 25-year-old dental hygiene student from Northwest Indiana, had fairly balanced breasts, but desired to increase her bust size so that her breasts would flatter her body better. Since she was not planning to have children, she knew she could not expect her breast size to change over time, so she decided to find out if she could make the c... Read More
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 121 View #1 View in Valparaiso & Schererville, IN
Before & After
Case: 8 of 8

Case #121

After breastfeeding 3 children, the breasts of this 53-year-old woman had shrunk to an A cup. She wanted to restore volume through breast augmentation with an Indiana plastic surgeon, but she didn't want breasts that were too big for her thin frame.At 5 feet, 7 inches tall and 120 pounds, she was worried about results that might look u... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

If you live in Northwest Indiana and breast augmentation is on your mind, a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best place to start. Request a complimentary consultation online, or schedule an appointment at Dr. Galante’s Schererville or Valparaiso office by calling (800) 721-3244.

Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Many different types of women visit Dr. Galante for breast augmentation. Although the surgery is one of the most popular at our practice and throughout the country, it’s not the best match for everyone. Good candidates for the surgery are generally in good health and have specific, realistic expectations for their desired outcomes. Good candidates should also be committed to caring for themselves after surgery by resting for several days and keeping follow-up appointments.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Like any plastic surgery procedure, the cost of breast augmentation varies from patient to patient. Different factors go into determining the cost of surgery, including the patient’s anatomy, the breast implant options she chooses, and any other procedures, such as breast lift, that may be performed at the same time.

Dr. Galante strives to keep his prices competitive with other plastic surgeons around Northwest Indiana. During your consultation, you receive a written quote that has been customized to reflect the specifics of your procedure.

Dr. Galante

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How long does the surgery last?

Breast augmentation is a fairly brief surgery, but the exact timeline depends on factors such as the surgical technique and whether any procedures are performed at the same time. The average surgical breast augmentation lasts about an hour. Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure, which means that patients may return home the same day.

Will breast augmentation improve the appearance of sagging breasts?

Breast implants can fill out the stretched skin in the case of mildly sagging breasts, giving them a fuller, more youthful appearance. Many women achieve better results by combining implants with a breast lift. During your private consultation, Dr. Galante will perform a brief physical exam, listen to your concerns, and provide his professional opinion about which procedure will best help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

I’ve heard that implants need time to “drop” after surgery. What does this mean?

Breast implant “dropping” refers to the process of the implants settling into their final positions. Immediately after surgery, the breasts may appear high, tight, or swollen, which is not uncommon. It’s important to have patience during this time, as it may take several months for the breasts to achieve their final positions. As breast implants settle, our patients in Indiana notice their breasts taking on a lower, more natural-looking appearance. They will also soften during this time as well.

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Dr galante did a wonderful job even better then my expectation for sure I am still so amazed how good...
Ok so I am super excited! I had my consultation and now I'm like obsessing over BOOBS! Lol I hate that...
I am scheduled for breast augmentation for May 18, 2015. I was always about B to C cup and before I...
Dr Galante and his staff make you feel very comfortable..I loved Brittany she is the sweetest..Dr Galante...

What can I expect during the recovery period?

Today’s surgical techniques ensure a relatively brief, comfortable recovery after breast augmentation surgery. However, it’s still important to reduce your activity and take it easy while your body heals.

Most patients are able to return to work after about a week. However, if your job is more physically demanding, you may need to spend a little more time at home. Discomfort is normal during this time but can be managed with prescribed medication. Most patients are able to transition to over-the-counter pain relievers after a couple of days. Prior to your surgery, Dr. Galante gives you specific guidelines to help you understand what you can expect after surgery.

Can I combine breast augmentation with another procedure?

Absolutely. One of our most popular combined breast procedures is breast augmentation and lift. This approach improves both the size and the position of the breasts for a comprehensive transformation.

Breast augmentation may also be combined with surgeries to enhance the body, a combinational approach called Mommy Makeover. It can improve the look of the parts of the body that are most affected by pregnancy, including the abdomen.

There are lots of other options available for combining procedures. Dr. Galante works with each patient to understand her goals and develops a surgical approach that meets her needs without excessively altering her lifestyle.

I plan to become pregnant in about a year. Should I wait until afterward to have breast augmentation?

It is safe to have breast augmentation before pregnancy, but it may make sense for you to wait. Pregnancy and breastfeeding affect the breasts, and no one can predict the specific changes you will experience. Many women end up with breasts that are smaller and stretched; the nipples and areolas are affected as well. If you have surgery before having children, it’s likely you will want to have a second procedure such as a breast augmentation revision or a breast lift to correct these changes.

On the other hand, you may be so unhappy with your breasts now that you don’t want to wait any longer. If it’s possible you’ll wait longer than a year to become pregnant, you may want to go ahead and have the surgery now. Also, it may take longer to conceive than you hope. It’s important to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for you.

I’m 7 months pregnant and would like to have breast augmentation after I have my baby. Can I have my consultation while I’m pregnant?

If you would like to use your consultation to gather information, it may make sense to have the consultation now. It’s a good way to find out whether you are comfortable with a surgeon and to learn about the procedure and options for incisions and breast implants. You can also get information about the recovery period.

Keep in mind that you will need to wait for your breasts to return to their pre-pregnancy state before your actual evaluation. Patients are given specific details about their procedure during this evaluation, and this is the time you decide on the size and shape of your breast implants. Some moms need breast augmentation to attain the look they desire; others need a breast lift, as well. It’s usually sufficient to wait 3 to 6 months after delivery or after you stop breastfeeding, whichever is later.

After having my first child, my breasts ended up smaller and not as firm. I’d like to have breast augmentation now, but want to have more children. Will my breasts sag more after another pregnancy?

It’s likely that your breasts will sag more with subsequent pregnancies. Your options are to have the breast augmentation now and possibly need a revision surgery after your next baby, or wait until your family is complete and have a single procedure that addresses all of your concerns.

What will happen if I get pregnant after breast augmentation?

Because many women have breast augmentation in their 20s and 30s, it’s common to become pregnant afterwards. Breast augmentation will not affect breast changes that occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your breasts will become larger and stretch as the glands enlarge. Most of Dr. Galante’s patients are able to breastfeed, as he typically can avoid the milk glands when performing breast enhancement surgery. Many women lose natural breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding; in some cases, a prior breast augmentation can make these changes less noticeable. If you gain weight rapidly during pregnancy, your breasts may sag afterwards. A breast lift and possibly implant exchange after you have stopped breastfeeding can rejuvenate your breast appearance.

Will breastfeeding deform my breast implants? Will implants harm my baby?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding will not cause your breast implants to become misshapen or leak. They are made to withstand significant pressure and return to their original shape. There are no reports of silicone leaking into breast milk or the mother’s bloodstream or documented risks to babies when FDA-approved breast implants are used.

Will breastfeeding permanently change my nipples and areolas?

The hormones produced during pregnancy and breastfeeding affect the nipples and areolas, in addition to the breasts themselves. Often the areolas enlarge and become darker, a change that is often permanent. As the breasts enlarge with milk production and the baby breastfeeds (or you use a breast pump), the nipples and areolas can stretch and enlarge – often unevenly. Breast enhancement procedures such as a breast lift, nipple reduction, or breast reduction can restore a balanced, attractive shape. You should allow your breasts to return to their pre-pregnancy state, which takes approximately 3 to 6 months, before you have surgery.

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