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Wanda's Brow Lift Surgery Story

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Wanda Before Procedure

"I never really focused
on myself before"

Individual results may vary.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Giving Her Self-Confidence a Lift

Wanda would be the first to tell you she enjoys her life. Despite losing her husband of 38 years to brain cancer a few years earlier, she retained a positive outlook. She maintained loving relationships with her adult children and had a good job and good friends. So it surprised even her when she decided to get plastic surgery. The Indiana woman says it "was one of the first things I did just for me."

The brow lift performed by Dr. Galante, says Wanda, improved her self-confidence as much as her appearance.

"I never knew that such a slight change could have such a significant effect on your psyche."

'You're Officially Old Now'

A glimpse in the mirror helped Wanda decide to pursue that change. As someone who generally received compliments about her looks throughout most of her adult life, Wanda, 62, says she suddenly realized "that it's really over. You're officially old now."

"I think everybody has an image of what they look like," she says. "For me, that image was frozen of how I looked when I was 45 or 50." So when she looked in the mirror, that "image didn't really correlate with what I looked like."

Forehead wrinkles and crepey skin around her eyes, along with droopy eyelids, corroded that ideal image. She avoided having her photo taken whenever possible.

So what changed? She thought of a patient who's been coming for about 20 years to the dentist's office where Wanda works. The woman was about her age, maybe a little younger, but always looked great. Wanda learned the woman went to Dr. Galante.

"I never really focused on myself before," Wanda says. "I was a wife, a mom, but just didn't think about my own needs."

Wanda After Procedure

"Oh my God, I love my picture
to be taken now."

Individual results may vary.

'Everyone Deserves That'

So she made an appointment with Dr. Galante at his Schererville, Indiana, office. A full facelift was an option, but Wanda told him to "just give me back my eyes." Dr. Galante, she says, "was wonderful. Not pushy at all."

The brow lift surgery went smoothly, and the incision, which runs along the hairline from ear to ear, is imperceptible. Wanda said she took two days off work and then returned with a bit of bruising and a scarf around her head.

After about a week, she says, long-time patients at the dentist's office complimented her, asking if she cut her hair or had lost weight. The best moment, she says, was when someone said she had beautiful eyes.

She replied, "Yes, I do."

"Nobody knew," Wanda says. "No one had a clue" that she underwent plastic surgery, a testament to Dr. Galante's skill. The results looked natural, yet still dramatically changed her appearance.

Not that she wanted to keep the plastic surgery a secret.

"I would tell them," she said of the friends who couldn't quite put a finger on the change. "I just wanted everyone to do it. The ripple effect that it has on your outlook when people tell you how good you look is amazing. Everyone deserves that."

No Longer Camera Shy

Even though she was satisfied with her life before, Wanda said the decision to get a brow lift resulted in other changes, as well. She began doing some serious exercising at a CrossFit gym and changed up her wardrobe. Even her granddaughter, she says, noticed the change.

"I'm not the same person that I was before. She said, 'my Nana wears turtlenecks and bakes cookies.'"

And when someone starts taking photos, Wanda no longer avoids the lens.

"Oh my God, I love my picture to be taken now. I've had more pictures taken of me in the past six months than I did in the past six years."

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.