Plastic Surgeon Comments on Alternative to Breast Implants

Dr. Gus Galante, a breast augmentation specialist in Indiana, explains why he prefers breast implants to fat transfer for creating the perfect breast appearance.

Schererville, Indiana (October 2012) – Dr. Gus Galante says silicone and saline implants create a more balanced and shapelier appearance for breast augmentation patients in Indiana, compared to other options, such fat transfer.

“Advances in plastic surgery techniques have paved the way for beautiful and natural-looking results,” Dr. Galante says. “While this is beneficial for minimizing signs of surgery on the body and decreasing recovery time, it’s important that patients choose the right procedure for their needs. Patients who want to enhance the volume and appearance of their breasts should typically choose implants.”

Dr. Galante says that augmenting a patient’s breast volume with fat taken from another area of the body may not lead to satisfactory results. He offers a wide variety of types of breast implants in Indiana to help create personalized results.

“Patients are often surprised to learn how the size, type and shape of their implants can help create a natural appearance,” Dr. Galante says. “Breast implants take the guesswork out of a patient’s potential results. I am able to determine the exact volume required to achieve the desired look.

“With fat transfer, there’s no guarantee how much volume will remain in the breasts following the procedure.”

Prior to surgery, Dr. Galante meets with his Indiana breast augmentation patients in private consultations to design the most effective treatment plans for their needs. He and his entire team are dedicated to helping people through every step of the process.

“The best way to learn about your options for breast augmentation is to speak with a qualified specialist in your area,” Dr. Galante says. “Look for board-certified plastic surgeons who possess the training and experience necessary to achieve beautiful results.”

Ready to take the next step and learn more about breast augmentation? Request a complimentary consultation online, or make an appointment to visit with Dr. Galante at either his Schererville, Indiana, plastic surgery center by calling (800) 721-3244.

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