High Interest in Mommy Makeovers, Reports Indiana Plastic Surgeon

Although the number of Americans undergoing cosmetic surgery dipped in 2009, interest remains high at many practices in 2010. Dr. Gus Galante has seen particularly strong interest in post-pregnancy procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty.

Schererville, Indiana (November 2010) – A recent survey by RealSelf.com indicates that many people are as interested as ever in cosmetic surgery enhancement. Like many Indiana and Indianapolis plastic surgeons, Dr. Gus Galante has seen increased interest this year in many procedures, particularly “Mommy Makeovers” that combine abdominoplasty with a breast enhancement procedure.

“The economy is still tough out there for many people, but I don’t think that has diminished the underlying interest in looking and feeling attractive,” reports Dr. Galante. “RealSelf.com reported a significant increase in people who say they’d have cosmetic surgery if money were not a factor. Tummy tucks and liposuction continue to be top procedures on people’s ‘wish lists’ as well.”

These top 2 surgeries are often part of a Mommy Makeover. This personalized surgical plan is aimed at reversing many of the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding on a woman’s body. Dr. Galante specializes in body contouring and breast enhancement surgery, such as breast augmentation and breast lifts, which many women choose to make a part of their Mommy Makeover.

“It’s obvious that pregnancy can cause tremendous changes to a woman’s abdominal area, and not every woman will see her belly ‘bounce back’ after pregnancy,” notes Dr. Galante. “Women who visit me for abdominoplasty in Indiana want to feel good about themselves in whatever they choose to wear. Women today know that they can only do so much to tighten and tone their stomach after pregnancy if the muscles have been stretched out. Crunches won’t cut it – that’s where plastic surgery comes in to eliminate some of the stretch marks, excess skin, and fat, and also repair separated abdominal muscles.”

Liposuction in Indiana is another procedure that remains popular with both men and women. Dr. Galante helps his Mommy Makeover patients sculpt their hips and thighs, and enhances tummy tuck results by eliminating those stubborn last few inches. Men often choose liposuction to reduce love handles, flatten the belly, and attain a more masculine looking chest.

“And of course breast procedures remain an important part of a Mommy Makeover,” adds Dr. Galante. “When I walk into a consultation with a patient, I don’t have a recommendation already in mind. I ask questions and get to know the person and their goals before recommending any procedure. For women who are cost-conscious – and who isn’t these days – I talk about the many benefits of having all their cosmetic improvements at once, including the cost savings and reduced total recovery time.”

To provide added value and peace of mind to his patients, Dr. Galante includes CosmetAssure as part of every surgical procedure. CosmetAssure is insurance against the risk of complications, and will cover the cost of medical treatments necessary to correct any complications stemming from surgery. “With advanced techniques and technology on offer, I think now is a fantastic time for many women and men to consider cosmetic surgery, particularly at my practice,” says Dr. Galante. “I look forward to closing out the year on a high note and my offices are planning for even greater demand in the coming year.”

Dr. Galante offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements for women and men who want to improve their look. Request a complimentary consultation or call his office at (800) 721-3244.

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