Breast Reduction Among the Most Satisfying of Plastic Surgeries

According to, one of the top online plastic surgery forums, women who undergo breast reduction are among the most highly satisfied of all cosmetic surgery patients. Dr. Gus Galante, specializing in breast reduction in Indiana, shares his insights.

Schererville, Indiana (April 2011) – Women who have breast reduction surgery experience a very high rate of satisfaction, according to, one of the most visited online communities dedicated to information about cosmetic treatments. According to real patients posting on the forum, breast reduction is one of the top 10 plastic surgeries in terms of patient satisfaction.

To Dr. Gus Galante, who specializes in breast reduction in Indiana, this comes as no surprise.

“I’ve noticed for years that breast reduction typically produces a level of satisfaction that matches or exceeds even the most popular of procedures, such as breast augmentation, at my Indiana practice,” says Dr. Galante. “In my opinion, this is because there are real physical benefits to the surgery, as well as emotional ones.”

Women with overly large breasts often suffer from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as deep grooves from their bra straps. In some cases, large, heavy breasts prevent women from jogging, cycling, or engaging in other physical activities. “The physical relief that breast reduction patients experience is very real and significant,” adds Dr. Galante. Additionally, there may be emotional benefits that contribute to the high rate of satisfaction.

Many women with overly large breasts feel that they attract unwanted attention in the form of inappropriate looks or comments.” It is not uncommon for my breast reduction patients to tell me that they feel very self-conscious, even somewhat isolated due to their large breasts,” states Dr. Galante. “For them, the breast reduction procedure is about achieving a shape and proportion that allows them to feel normal.”

According to, an online community where real patients, physicians, and others share information about cosmetic procedures, 86% of patients consider breast reduction to be “worth it.” The same percentage of breast augmentation patients ranked their surgery as “worth it,” which Dr. Galante says is to be expected. “When women choose breast implants in Indiana, they experience a confidence boost that is very satisfying. Both breast augmentation and breast reduction help women to feel more balanced and proportional, and may enhance their body image and feelings of sensuality.”

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