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Indiana Plastic Surgery Practice Collecting for St. Jude’s

Dr. Gus Galante and the staff at his Indiana plastic surgery center are collecting items for the St. Jude House for battered women and their children. He and his staff urge you to remember those less fortunate as the holidays draw near. Dr. Gus Galante, who specializes in a variety of facial rejuvenation and plastic surgery procedures such as practice, is making time to help the community this holiday season. To give back to those less fortunate, Dr. Galante and his staff are collecting items to be donated to the St. Jude House in Crown Point, Indiana. "I enjoy such …

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Breast Reduction Among the Most Satisfying of Plastic Surgeries

According to, one of the top online plastic surgery forums, women who undergo breast reduction are among the most highly satisfied of all cosmetic surgery patients. Dr. Gus Galante, specializing in breast reduction in Indiana, shares his insights. Schererville, Indiana (April 2011) - Women who have breast reduction surgery experience a very high rate of satisfaction, according to, one of the most visited online communities dedicated to information about cosmetic treatments. According to real patients posting on the forum, breast reduction is one of the top 10 plastic surgeries in terms of patient satisfaction. To Dr. Gus Galante, …

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Tried and True Methods Preferred Among Liposuction Surgeon

Despite many newer fat reduction technologies, a survey published by the ASAPS indicates that the majority of its member surgeons polled prefers traditional liposuction. Dr. Gus Galante comments from his Indiana plastic surgery practice. Schererville, Indiana (April 2011) – According to a survey published last month by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more established forms of liposuction are still the preferred method of fat removal among plastic surgeons. Despite an array of newer liposuction technologies, as well as nonsurgical fat removal options, over 50% of the member surgeons surveyed indicated that "traditional" suction-assisted lipectomy was their method …

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High Interest in Mommy Makeovers, Reports Indiana Plastic Surgeon

Although the number of Americans undergoing cosmetic surgery dipped in 2009, interest remains high at many practices in 2010. Dr. Gus Galante has seen particularly strong interest in post-pregnancy procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty. Schererville, Indiana (November 2010) - A recent survey by indicates that many people are as interested as ever in cosmetic surgery enhancement. Like many Indiana and , Dr. Gus Galante has seen increased interest this year in many procedures, particularly "Mommy Makeovers" that combine abdominoplasty with a breast enhancement procedure. "The economy is still tough out there for many people, but I don't think that …

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Indiana Breast Augmentation Patients Still Choosing Saline

Despite the wide variety of new implant options for breast augmentation, many women in the Hoosier State are still opting for traditional saline-filled implants. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gus Galante explains why this choice remains so popular. Schererville, Indiana (September 2009) – Newer breast implant options are getting plenty of media attention, but many women in Indiana are still opting for saline-filled implants that have been available for several decades. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gus Galante, who recently launched a new Web site dedicated exclusively to breast enhancement in Indiana, says that for some patients the benefits of saline can …

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Better Value through Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation in Indiana

Traditionally, women choose plastic surgery like breast lift in Indiana to rejuvenate sagging breasts and subsequently have additional procedures such as breast augmentation. But a plastic surgeon in Indiana has seen an increase in the number of women combining surgery for increased affordability. Schererville, Indiana (March 2009) - To restore a more youthful breast shape, many women choose a , but lately an increasing number of these women are combining their procedure with breast augmentation for a more shapely outcome and more cost-effective cosmetic enhancement over the long run. Dr. Gus Galante, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Indiana, explains that …

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Indiana Plastic Surgeon Offers Silicone and Saline Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation in Indiana

Women can now customize their breast enhancement in Indiana by choosing between saline breast implants and a new generation of silicone gel implants at the  Schererville office of Indiana plastic surgeon Gus E. Galante, MD. August 2007 - Only 10 months ago, most women considering breast augmentation in Indiana and across the United States had to choose saline implants, the only implant material widely available. But now, following U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of a new generation of silicone gel implants, the choices for breast augmentation in Indiana have grown. Plastic surgeon Dr. Gus Galante, after seeing for …

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Plastic Surgeon Celebrates Practice’s 20th Anniversary

Dr. Gus Galante, a breast augmentation specialist in Indiana, started his practice 20 years ago in 1992. This year he is celebrating his success by giving back to the community through nonprofit organizations such as Breast Oasis. Schererville, Indiana (June 2012) – Dr. Gus Galante, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is celebrating 20 years of business at his plastic surgery practice this year. Dr. Galante specializes in cosmetic surgery procedures such as , and he is respected not only for his outstanding skills but also for his active involvement in charitable organizations. "When I first started my practice, I wanted to …

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Plastic Surgeon Comments on Alternative to Breast Implants

Dr. Gus Galante, a breast augmentation specialist in Indiana, explains why he prefers breast implants to fat transfer for creating the perfect breast appearance. Schererville, Indiana (October 2012) – Dr. Gus Galante says silicone and saline implants create a more balanced and shapelier appearance for patients in Indiana, compared to other options, such fat transfer. "Advances in plastic surgery techniques have paved the way for beautiful and natural-looking results," Dr. Galante says. "While this is beneficial for minimizing signs of surgery on the body and decreasing recovery time, it's important that patients choose the right procedure for their needs. Patients …

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Schererville Plastic Surgeon Voted Among Best of the Region

Dr. Gus Galante's plastic surgery center in Northwest Indiana placed second in the category of Best Cosmetic Surgery Center in 2014, chosen by online voters in The Times of Northwest Indiana's annual contest. Schererville, Indiana (May 2014) — Dr. Gus Galante () has been selected as among the best in the field of by readers of The Times of Northwest Indiana. After serving patients in the region for more than 2 decades, Dr. Galante says, he feels proud that they have honored him by voting for his practice in the Best Cosmetic Surgery Center category. "It is so gratifying to …

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Indiana Plastic Surgeon Honored by Hospice Group for Community Service

Indiana plastic surgery specialist Dr. Gus Galante was honored at the 2015 Seeds of Hope gala, one of many nonprofit events he supports each year. Schererville, Indiana (July 2015) — Dr. Gus Galante (, a Northwest Indiana specialist and co-founder of the "Hospice Hustle" cycling fundraiser, was honored recently by Friends of Hospice at its 2015 Seeds of Hope gala benefiting Hospice of the Calumet Area. Dr. Galante says his involvement with the hospice organization is part of his longstanding commitment to community service that includes various nonprofit groups. The Seeds of Hope honor is especially meaningful to him, he …

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Waging war against wrinkles

BY ERIKA ROSE Times Correspondent It certainly doesn't hurt to also maintain a nice hairstyle, sport a great wardrobe and even keep fingernails, makeup and teeth looking fresh. But what about crow's feet, smile lines and all the unwelcome valleys and crevices that show up on our faces as we age? The most popular nonsurgical remedy, — with 3.1 million people getting the injections in 2006, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons — has been around for years but it only can be used for certain wrinkles on the upper portion of the face. Second to BOTOX® …

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Breast Surgery 2.0: This isn’t your Mother’s breast augmentation

Years ago, the most important facts you needed to know about breast augmentation were quite different than today as better technology leads to better techniques. In fact, the plastic surgery community has taken research into their own hands with the development of the Aesthetic Society Education and Research Foundation, designed to identify the safety and efficacy of new plastic surgery procedures and techniques. Read More

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Dr. Galante and Dr. Garza

Welcome to Our Practice

Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Rebecca Garza and Dr. Gus Galante have established a plastic surgery practice dedicated to providing personalized care that gives you the confidence to make educated decisions about your surgery. Together with a hand-selected team of professionals who share our passion for patient care, we offer a range of surgical procedures designed to help you look and feel your best.

Impeccable Credentials

Both Dr. Garza and Dr. Galante are fellowship-trained plastic surgeons at the forefront of the aesthetic surgery field. They are each active in professional associations and have given back to the community by donating their time and services to local charity organizations.

Dr Galante & Dr. Garza's credentials Dr Galante & Dr. Garza's credentials

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