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While it’s exciting to imagine the possibilities for an enhanced appearance from our Indiana plastic surgery practice, it’s likely you have many questions. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rebecca Garza has provided answers to some of the most common questions asked by the women and men who come to her office.

Dr. Garza makes patient education, clear communication, and natural-looking results her priorities. She serves plastic surgery patients from Crown Point, Munster, Merrillville, and throughout Northwest Indiana. Request a consultation with Dr. Garza or call (800) 721-3244 to schedule an appointment.

I’m considering breast augmentation surgery. How do silicone breast implants differ from saline?

Since the FDA’s approval of silicone breast implants in November 2006 for breast augmentation, many Indiana plastic surgery patients have wondered what makes the gel-filled implants different from traditional saline (salt water) filled breast implants. First is feel; silicone has a doughy, natural feel. With that said, if saline implants are placed beneath the muscle, they also can have a natural look and feel, like that of silicone. Second is cost; silicone is more expensive than saline. Third is scarring; the incision to insert silicone implants is necessarily longer, resulting in a slightly longer scar. Finally, gel-filled implants may have a slightly higher risk of producing a capsular contracture. The important thing to remember is that, with most plastic surgeons, you have options.

Should my breast implants be placed above or below the chest muscle?

The placement of breast implants either above (subglandular) or beneath (submuscular) the pectoralis major muscle is dictated by several factors including:

  • the amount and quality of existing breast tissue
  • your level of activity
  • the type of implant, and
  • your plastic surgeon’s personal preference

For instance, if you have ample breast tissue, you are most likely a good candidate for placement above the muscle, as the breast implant will be better covered and camouflaged. If you’re a slender individual with little breast tissue, you’ll benefit more from placement beneath the muscle, as the extra layer can help hide the “take off” of the implant from the chest wall, as well as conceal the visible rippling commonly seen with saline implants. A small number of patients with implants placed beneath the muscle will sometimes complain of excessive movement of the breast when the muscle flexes during strenuous activities, such as lifting weights. Finally, studies suggest a lower rate of capsular contracture when implants are placed beneath the muscle.

Will my breast implants need to be replaced after a certain period of time?

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” generally holds true for breast augmentation. Indiana women should keep in mind that the indications for replacing a breast implant are few. Of course, if an implant ruptures or is found to be leaking, then replacement is warranted. Also, an implant should be replaced when removing scar tissue resulting from capsular contracture.

I’m interested in improving the look of my face, but I would like to avoid invasive surgery, what can I do?

Some people are looking for facial rejuvenation, but want to avoid plastic surgery. They can start with a skincare program. For something with a little more depth, there is chemical peeling and laser skin resurfacing. Also, if the patient feels he or she will be happy with something temporary, injectable fillers or BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments are also available as an alternative to, for example, a face lift or eyelid surgery.

Dr. Galante and Dr. Garza

Welcome to Our Practice

Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Rebecca Garza and Dr. Gus Galante have established a plastic surgery practice dedicated to providing personalized care that gives you the confidence to make educated decisions about your surgery. Together with a hand-selected team of professionals who share our passion for patient care, we offer a range of surgical procedures designed to help you look and feel your best.

Impeccable Credentials

Both Dr. Garza and Dr. Galante are fellowship-trained plastic surgeons at the forefront of the aesthetic surgery field. They are each active in professional associations and have given back to the community by donating their time and services to local charity organizations.

Dr Galante & Dr. Garza's credentials Dr Galante & Dr. Garza's credentials

I’m considering breast surgery, but I’m concerned with the safety issues regarding the use of implants. What should I know before considering surgery?

Breast augmentation is still one of the most requested cosmetic procedures. We have used saline implants with hundreds of patients. These types of implants have been used for many years in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures with an extremely high degree of safety and a minimal complication rate.
Silicone gel breast implants have been declared safe and effective by the FDA for all women over the age of 22. You may remember that silicone implant availability was restricted in the United States for several years amid safety concerns. After 14 years of additional research, the FDA found there was no evidence that the devices caused additional health risks for women. You have a choice of breast implants, each with its own advantages. Dr. Garza is ready to help you evaluate the options and decide which type is right for you.

I exercise all the time, but I can’t seem to rid myself of some fat in the abdominal area. Is there something more that I can do?

Yes, liposuction can be very helpful for patients who are fairly close to their ideal body weight, but who have discrete areas of fat deposits. This plastic surgery procedure in our Indiana practice involves very small incisions and a recovery time that is generally acceptable to most people.

I’ve had 2 children and I have loose skin and also some protrusion of my abdomen. This interferes with my ability to wear some of the more form fitting clothes that I desire. What can I do to narrow my waist and flatten my tummy?

For women who have had children or people who have lost a significant amount of weight and found that their skin is loose, a tummy tuck could be just the answer for them. This plastic surgery procedure not only tightens the stomach muscles and narrows the waist, but also removes excess skin. This gives the patient a flatter, firmer abdomen.

I’m considering a facelift and possibly some eyelid surgery, but wonder if, at age 65, I’m too old?

For patients in good health or with only minor medical conditions, age should not be a factor in having a cosmetic procedure to enhance your self-esteem. Our office does a thorough medical history and exam prior to any plastic surgery procedure. We will work with a patient’s family physician to determine if a patient is a candidate for any type of plastic surgery, including a face lift or eyelid surgery.

What type of financing is available for my procedure?

To help make cosmetic procedures affordable for all patients, our practice offers several convenient financing options. For more information about financing, call us at (800) 721-3244 or simply fill out the contact form to the left.

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