Winter 2008 Newsletter

Silicone Breast Implants, 2 Years Later

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Since the US Food and Drug Administration’s November 2006 approval of silicone gel breast implants, hundreds of thousands of American women have chosen silicone for their breast enhancement surgery. In the coming years Dr. Galante expects to see a continued shift toward this implant type as more women discover the benefits.

“I am confident in the strong track record for safety and durability that silicone breast implants have shown,” Dr. Galante says. “When surgeons and patients work together, they can create highly satisfying results and make decisions that fit a woman’s goals in ways that benefit her physical as well as her emotional wellbeing.”

Although November marks the 2 year anniversary of FDA approval, Dr. Galante continues to see a significant rise in the number of women who choose the more natural look and feel of silicone implants over saline for their breast augmentation procedure in Indiana. Dr. Galante believes this partly results from better information about the latest clinical safety trials, which consistently highlight silicone as safe and effective for a range of breast enhancement needs.

Dr. Galante continues to provide his patients the option of either saline or silicone gel implants, depending on their unique needs. His breast enhancement procedures can:

  • Give a fuller profile and enhanced cleavage
  • Restore breasts that are sagging, drooping, or appear flat
  • Create a balanced shape for unevenly sized breasts

Dr. Galante has helped hundreds of women enjoy a naturally-enhanced look using silicone and saline implant choices. Dr. Galante is committed to providing medically sound options that help you make effective cosmetic enhancement choices and get the results you want. If you are interested in learning more about breast enhancement procedures, or would like to find out more about why so many women are choosing silicone gel implants, please give us a call at (800) 721-3244, or send us an email.

Enjoy Beautiful Skin with Tri-Luma® Cream

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You shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about skin blemishes and discolorations. Dr. Galante is pleased to announce that he now offers Tri-Luma® Cream, an effective treatment option for select types of skin discoloration.

Pregnancy, sun exposure, and other factors leave many women (and some men) with patchy brownish discoloration called “melasma” on the face and hands. Tri-Luma is a convenient and comfortable way to restore your natural coloring and reverse the damaging effects of melasma on your skin.

Some of the Advantages of Tri-Luma include:

  • Fast, predictable results
  • Three-component formula that helps prevent skin damage and promotes tissue health while it corrects discoloration
  • Convenient cream form requiring no complex equipment or mixing paraphernalia

The length of time you will need to use Tri-Luma varies depending on your skin type and the severity of discoloration, but Dr. Galante is pleased to let you know that most patients can achieve satisfying results in 4 to 8 weeks. Tri-Luma is popular with many patients because its predictable time frame ends up saving them time and money.

Tri-Luma is also popular in combination with other cost-effective facial enhancement options like BOTOX® Cosmetic for Indiana Residents.

To help you find out if Tri-Luma is the best choice for your skin, Dr. Galante is now offering no-charge skin care evaluations. In your evaluation, he will examine your skin and discuss which options would be appropriate to improve your skin health and achieve your aesthetic goals.

To plan your free consultation, simply send Dr. Galante an email or get in touch with our office at (800) 721-3244.

Give the Gift of Beauty

This holiday season, someone special in your life can enjoy great results from our wide range of products and services. Dr. Galante’s plastic surgery practice offers gift cards for any amount you choose, valid for any of the products and services we offer. For specifics on our options, which include both surgical treatments such as breast enhancement and liposuction as well as nonsurgical options like BOTOX Cosmetic and chemical peels, visit Dr. Galante’s Web site at

To purchase a gift card, give us a call at (800) 721-3244 or stop by our convenient Schererville or Valparaiso offices today!

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