Summer 2010 Newsletter

Plastic Surgery Miracle First Total Face Transplant

Dr. Galante shares his thoughts about an awe inspiring story that recently took the international headlines:

“Plastic surgeons not only enhance their patients’ appearance through cosmetic surgery, they can improve their quality of life through reconstructive surgery. An inspiring story took the spotlight in March of this year when the first total face transplant was successfully performed in Madrid, Spain. The surgery, performed by Dr. Joan Pere Barret and a team of 30 medical professionals, involved replacing the man’s entire face (except for his eyeballs and tongue) from the hairline to the lower jaw. The man’s resulting face will eventually look like a hybrid of the donor and the recipient and not identical to either one.

We must be careful when the media sensationalizes this procedure. It is a real miracle for those that have had their face completely disfigured by illness, violence, or trauma. This patient is a farmer in his 30’s that accidentally shot himself in the face. His surgery was an extremely complicated procedure that took 24 hours to complete and involved reconstructive surgery including microsurgery of the blood vessels. It carries with it an extensive recovery period and requires lifelong monitoring for rejection as with any other organ transplant (such as the heart, kidneys, or liver). Procedures of this magnitude are not widely performed except at major medical centers.”

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Are More Celebrities Having Breast Enlargement?

Woman holding hip
Every time you peek at a supermarket tabloid or tune in to a celebrity news show, it seems like another Hollywood star is rumored to have had breast augmentation surgery. Is this gossip signaling a new trend or is it just media sensationalism? As with many “trends” Dr. Galante believes that this is nothing more than hype as breast augmentation has been popular with all kinds of women for many years. In fact breast augmentation, also called breast augmentation, consistently takes the top spot among cosmetic surgery procedures according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics.

What makes it so popular? The appearance of breasts can greatly enhance a woman’s sense of attractiveness and femininity. If yours don’t fit your vision, your whole outlook can be affected. Dr. Galante specializes in breast enhancement surgery. He will listen to your goals, to help you have the breast size and shape you want. Our clients, most of whom are “everyday” women, consistently tell us they are happy they had breast augmentation surgery. In fact, many regret waiting so long to do it.

Wrinkles, Be Gone!

Woman looking down
Crow’s feet, forehead creases, and smile lines have no chance when they’re faced with our quick, effective dermal fillers. With popular choices like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel to choose from, you can look younger with literally no downtime.

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