Summer 2007 Newsletter

Protect Your Skin With a Professional Bodyguard

Summer’s in high gear, and when the midday sun is high in the sky, your skin can suffer long-term damage in only minutes. Whether you’re headed to the lakes, the beach, the parks, or just your own backyard this vacation season, make sure to protect your skin with the latest skin care products that guard against sun damage.

“A lot of products and procedures can help reverse the appearance of sun damaged skin,” says Indiana plastic surgeon Dr. Gus Galante. “But in my experience, prevention is the key. If patients properly protect their skin every time they head outdoors, their skin’s going to stay healthier and look more vibrant.”

To help his patients protect their skin from sun exposure, Dr. Galante offers two lines of premium skin care products. The Daily Sun Protection product from SkinMedica, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing products to improve skin appearance, provides full-spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen protection while infusing skin with moisture. The product’s oil-free formulation also contains powerful antioxidants for anti-aging defense.

Another popular sun block product at Dr. Galante’s Schererville and Valparaiso, Indiana, plastic surgery offices is Biomedic Facial Shield by La Roche Posay, a premium pharmaceutical laboratory producing a full range of daily skin care treatments. This broad-spectrum sunscreen protects skin from damaging solar rays, providing UVA and UVB protection. It also moisturizes the skin, is fragrance-free, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

“These products are light-years beyond the sunscreens you’ll see at the local drug store,” adds Dr. Galante. “They provide total sun block, and they’re non-greasy, so my patients really like the feel. Plus, I can safely integrate these sun blocks with other skin protection products and treatments for patients interested in a total skin care program, which I strongly recommend all women consider.”

Teen Plastic Surgery: The Hope Behind The Hype

Recently, articles and programs in the popular media have suggested that more and more teenagers are going under the knife for risky cosmetic procedures. Certainly, there’s something disturbing about reports of parents buying their teen daughter breast implants for her 16th or 18th birthday, and certainly some cosmetic surgeons are being irresponsible when performing procedures for teens who really don’t understand the risks and repercussions.

But like many issues, the media isn’t telling the full story when it comes to teen plastic surgery. In fact, thousands of teens each year undergo life-changing procedures that help restore confidence and increase self esteem. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, teens underwent almost 94,000 cosmetic surgery procedures in 2006, the most common procedures being less-glamorous ones like rhinoplasty, male breast reduction, and ear surgery (otoplasty).

“I absolutely understand the concern that teens are being pressured into plastic surgery, thinking it’s an easy way to get friends and be popular,” says Dr. Galante. “No doubt, the media, parents, and of course plastic surgeons in Indiana and across the country need to do a better job explaining the risks and responsibilities that plastic surgery entails. But lost in the hype is the fact that every year plastic surgery offers new hope to Indiana teens suffering from deformities and abnormalities that cause them both emotional and physical pain.”

One teen procedure Dr. Galante performs is breast reduction for young women who have developed overly large breasts that cause shoulder, neck, and back pain. Often, teenagers with overly large breasts drop out of sports activities due to discomfort and disengage from social life because they feel embarrassed or awkward.

“Once a young woman’s breasts have stopped growing for at least two years, I’m able to perform a breast reduction. I’m still amazed by how this surgery transforms the lives of teen patients, getting them back on track and engaged in ‘normal’ teen activities so they don’t miss out on this important time in life.”

Dr. Galante also performs reduction surgery for teen boys suffering from gynecomastia, or overly developed male breasts, and sees dramatic quality of life increases for these patients as well. In addition, teens come to his office for ear surgery, tired of being teased or laughed at because of overly large or protruding ears.

“Plastic surgery is not a commodity product,” adds Dr. Galante. “Every procedure I perform, I make sure it’s a match with the patient. For teens, a lot of times they just don’t have the maturity needed for a successful surgery, and I’ve turned away teens who are considering plastic surgery for the wrong reasons. When a procedure makes sense and will clearly improve the quality of a teenager’s life, I’m more than happy to help the teen improve her self confidence and renew her hope.”

To schedule a consultation for a skin care assessment or to discuss teen surgical options in more detail with Dr. Galante at his Schererville or Valparaiso, Indiana, plastic surgery offices, call (800) 721-3244 today.

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