Spring 2007 Newsletter

Injectable Fillers – For When Thin Isn’t In

Everyday men and women across Indiana make the decision to improve their lives by losing weight. They exercise and eat healthier than ever before because they desire to look and feel their best. And, after months or sometimes even years of hard work and dedication, they do. They’re happier and healthier than ever before. Often times, though, these same people need help, and look to plastic surgery and body contouring to eliminate the last pockets of hard-to-lose fat on the neck, stomach, hips and thighs. Looking and feeling ones best, though, isn’t always about losing the fat, but rather sometimes replacing it.

As we age, lines slowly form on the face from a lifetime’s display of emotion. At the same time, the underlying structure of muscle and fat that support the skin gradually breaks down. This loss of foundation, combined with the fact that the amount of skin remains constant, can cause the face to sag, appearing dark and sunken. And, what was once bright and, indeed, plump can become hallowed and unhealthy looking.

So, what can people do when thin isn’t in?

“Injectable fillers such as Collagen and Restylane, as well as two new fillers we’re offering – JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel and Radiesse® – can restore volume in just minutes”, states Dr. Gus Galante. “Through a simple micro-injection process, we can easily and most importantly, safely build back up the underlying tissue, restoring a healthy looking fullness to the face.”

Today, consumers have a choice of injectable fillers: Collagen is an economical option for those new to injectable treatments. Then, there are synthetic fillers for facial rejuvenation such as Restylane®, JUVÉDERM and Radiesse. Made from either hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite, these injectables require no downtime, are hypoallergenic, and possess benefits that extend anywhere from six months to a year or longer. Facial fillers are not only capable of restoring lost volume, but also for correcting wrinkles and folds. They can even enhance areas of the face such as the lips or the chin.

Breast Enhancement – The Only Regret is in Waiting So Long

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Galante hear it all the time – “I’ve been thinking about breast enhancement for years.” Diane said it. A 40 year old, mother of 4, she had considered breast augmentation for almost a decade. Two events finally convinced her to seek enhancement: a nurse, she had seen and was impressed with Dr. Galante’s work, and she was about to be re-married. Read Diane’s story.

Are you like Diane? Have you lost years debating with yourself about breast enhancement? If so, what are your reasons for waiting? Whether you’re suffering from a loss of fullness following pregnancy or breastfeeding, desire a more sensual silhouette, or prefer a better balance, breast enhancement can help. Why wait?

There’s something else cosmetic surgeons hear all of the time – “I feel so great about myself. I wish I had done it years ago.” Don’t live in the past. Look and feel great now. So, whether you’re like Diane and are considering breast augmentation or are one of the many Midwesterners contemplating a breast lift or breast reduction, don’t let another day go by. Make your wish a reality.

To schedule a consultation for either a breast enhancement or facial rejuvenation at either the Munster or Valparaiso, Indiana, plastic surgery offices, call Dr. Galante today at (800) 721-3244. Register online now for a 10% savings on injectable fillers.

We’re Moving!

We’re excited to announce that our Munster office is moving to a more convenient location just a few miles away in Schererville in May. Look for us at 322 Indianapolis Blvd., Suite 103, just across from Omni Fitness. Stay tuned for more information on the move.

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