Our July 2016 Newsletter

Collage of staff wearing red noses, matching outfits, and a company outing

What We’ve Been up to These Days

From staff outings and matching outfits to supporting our favorite causes, our team is always busy at the office helping patients and having fun doing so.

Our recent favorite? “Clowning around” in support of Red Nose Day, an event to spread awareness and lift children and young people out of poverty in the U.S. and some of the poorest communities in the world.

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“I Wanted This for Me”: A Patient Story

Woman looks at horizon

The vast majority of patients do not choose to undergo a procedure to please someone else. Most often, they want to “freshen up” before a big event, enhance a specific feature, or find the self-confidence they’ve simply “misplaced”. They’re doing it strictly for themselves – a perfectly healthy reason – our favorite reason, in fact.

Recently, Dr. Galante interviewed one of his patients to learn more about her personal motivations, her recovery, and why she felt our practice was the perfect fit. Her positive experience, along with the testimonials of many others, is by far the most rewarding part of our job. Check out her short interview!

If you’re considering a specific procedure or treatment, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with our team. We’ll discuss your options, your budget, and answer any questions you might have. Whatever you decide, we want you to feel 100 percent confident. We can’t wait to see you!

When Is the Perfect Time for a Procedure?

Woman resting her hand on her chin

There is no “perfect time” for a plastic surgery procedure like liposuction or breast augmentation. There are, however, certain seasons that seem to work better for Indiana patients’ schedules: fall is one of them. Here’s why:

1. The kids are in school. You’ll be able to schedule your surgery and post-op appointments with ease. Also, recovery will likely be more comfortable… and quiet.

2. The holidays are near… but not here yet. The holiday season is hectic and focusing on yourself can be tricky. With a procedure beforehand, you’ll be able to focus on your recovery, and of course, reveal your results at all the holiday get-togethers to come.

3. Goodbye, bikini. Hello, cozy! It’s true, warm layers and cozy sweaters make perfect post-op outfits. Don’t worry: You’ll be able to show off in a bikini when summer comes back around.

While fall might be the right time for your procedure, now is the time to schedule your consultation. Contact us today so we can talk more about the changes to come. Fall (and a new and improved you) will be here before you know it!

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