Your Breast Augmentation Implant Options

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Many patients come to our Schererville and Munster, IN plastic surgery offices with a goal to have fuller breasts. While they are usually conversant with the basics of breast implants, they are often not certain about all their options.

There Are Two Basic Types of Breast Implants

While the “outer shell” of breast implants are all made of silicone, the filling may be saline or silicone.

Saline Implants use sterile saltwater to enlarge the breasts. One benefit of saline implants is that I can insert them through a smaller incision since the implant is empty when it is placed (after placement it is then filled with sterile, medical-grade saline). Another benefit of saline implants is the ability to quickly identify an implant rupture, because that breast will immediately appear smaller. Saline implants are also less expensive (in most cases) and can be placed in women who are younger than 22 years of age.

Silicone Implants are often preferred because, to most women, they feel more like natural breast tissue than do saline implants, which by their very nature tend to feel firmer. Silicone implants can only be used in women who are at least 22 years of age.

Implants Come in Various Sizes, Shapes, Profiles and Textures

Unlike bra sizes, implants are measured by CC, not cup size. My staff and I will guide you during your private consultation to decide the size of implant that will most closely meet your goals by “trying on” implants underneath your bra during your visit with us.

Further, implants come in a variety of shapes: round (often preferred by women with little tissue at the top of the breast, called the upper pole) or a teardrop shape, which is smaller at the top and rounder at the bottom, more like a natural breast.

There are numerous profiles in breast implants, such as low profile, moderate, and high, with several variations in between. This is usually the most confusing choice for our Indiana breast implant patients, who are relieved to know that my staff and I have years of experience in this area.

While you may not think that breast implant texture has much importance, it’s interesting to know that a smooth implant can move around a bit in the “pocket” that holds it inside the breast, while a textured implant is held more securely in place. Again, I will help you with that decision when you visit either our Schererville or Munster plastic surgery office location.

Breast Augmentation is a wonderful option for women who want fuller breasts. Call us for your consultation, examination and quote today at 800) 721-3244.

To Your Health & Beauty,
Gus Galante, MD, FACS
Board Certified NW Indiana Plastic Surgeon

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