The “Right” Age For Botox®

Here at my plastic surgery practice in Indiana, Botox® patients usually start using this wonder-injectable in their 40’s or older. They want to eliminate the ever-increasing fine lines and wrinkles that are an unwanted symbol of aging. While Botox® does eliminate these wrinkles and folds after they’ve developed, by injecting sooner, you can keep them …

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Board Certification

What is Board Certification? Board certification is a mechanism to assure consumers that their board-certified physician has been tested and proved competent by a group (board) of other physicians in that field. There are 24 sub-specialty boards in the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) including, but not limited to, family physicians, internists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, cardiologists, neurosurgeons …

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An Injectables Primer

Patients new to the world of BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable fillers are, naturally, curious about which injectable does what, how quickly the results appear and how long the results last, as well as injection discomfort and recovery time. This Injectables Primer will give you the scoop on all the injectables at our Indiana plastic surgery practice: what …

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