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Is There a “Right Age” for a Facelift?

If you look in the mirror and see wrinkles, sags, jowling and a flat cheek area, and find yourself using your fingers to lift your facial skin to reveal a younger appearance, you’re likely the “right age” for a facelift because—in all reality—there is no “right age.” Can You Be “Too Young” for a Facelift? Some of my NW Indiana patients come to me in their mid-to-late 30s wondering if having a facelift at their age might create trouble later on. They worry that having an early facelift will mean repeated lifts every 10 years or so. Depending on the … Continue reading

Facelifts for Men—3 Things You Should Know

Today, the taboo surrounding male aesthetic enhancements is fading as increasing numbers of men take initiative with their appearance. As a plastic surgeon in Valparaiso, Indiana, I see many male patients who want to feel more confident, look younger, or meet some other aesthetic goal, and facelift surgery is one of the most common procedures men request. However, facelifts for men differ from facelifts for women. Let’s take a look at 3 important things men should know when considering a surgical facelift: 1. The Surgeon When it comes to achieving any cosmetic goal, choosing the best plastic surgeon for your … Continue reading

Our September 2018 Newsletter

When Should I Schedule My….? While the only true “perfect time” for a procedure is when you feel most comfortable, fall seems to be a reliably popular choice. Patients often see Dr. Galante in fall for tummy tuck and liposuction for various reasons: 1. Sweater Weather Is Recovery Weather As we head into the colder weather, you can put the bikinis away and get out the sweaters. This may seem like the opposite of what you’ll want after your procedure, but trust us when say that you’ll appreciate the downtime (and the warm outfits) while you recover. After tummy tuck and/or liposuction, Dr. Galante … Continue reading

November & December Are Perfect Months to Schedule a Procedure

Since many of our Valparaiso Indiana plastic surgery patients choose summer as the best time for a cosmetic procedure (due to the availability of accumulated vacation time to recover), it may surprise you to learn that November & December are quite popular months as well. Here are some of the reasons many of our NW Indiana cosmetic surgery patients choose November and December for their procedures: While you may feel well enough to return to work (and many of our patients are surprised how quickly they do!), you may have concerns about any visible surgical incisions. Cold weather is a … Continue reading

When is the Right Time for Body Contouring After Weight Loss?

If you’ve lost a major amount of weight, you have my admiration and congratulations! Many men and women struggle with excess weight throughout their entire lives and, when they find a solution—either weight loss surgery or a combination of diet and exercise—they have every right to celebrate. Unfortunately, after the weight is gone, these patients have sagging skin, which takes away some of their joy and personal satisfaction. Are there solutions? Yes! Are they right for you? Maybe! Read on! Body Contouring is Part of Weight Loss Success For NW Indiana men and women with significant weight loss, removal of … Continue reading


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    Julie's Breast Augmentation

    Julie's Breast Augmentation

    "I'm proud of what I did. I've never felt so good about myself in my life. It may sound funny, but I'm complete now. I have my two kids, my husband, and I'm healthy."

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    Dina's Tummy Tuck

    Dina's Tummy Tuck

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