Luscious Lips in Less Than an Hour

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While some women are genetically gifted with full lips and a well-defined Cupid’s bow, many women have spent a lifetime (and thousands of dollars) in a quest to create the illusion of fuller lips via lip liners, lip exercises, applications of spicy substances to “swell” the lips, and even permanent lip implants. You’ll be delighted to know that with nonsurgical lip augmentation, here in my Valparaiso and Schererville plastic surgery offices, you can have fuller, more sensuous lips in less than an hour, whether your lips are genetically on the thin side or have become thinner with time. I can also “balance” uneven lips, in which, for example, the top lip is dramatically thinner than the bottom lip.

Why Lips Matter

There is a primitive part of the brain that is specifically attracted to certain secondary sexual characteristics that imply fertility. It’s believed that we are hard-wired to be attracted to other humans with well-developed secondary sexual characteristics as a means to guarantee the perpetuation of the species. Those characteristics in women include:

  • Ample breasts
  • Shapely hips
  • Full lips (not surprisingly)

The shape, color, texture, and fullness of a woman’s lips reflect her age and, correspondingly, her fertility. Therefore, as a culture, we’ve come to identify full lips as markers of an attractive, young woman.

Since time immemorial, women have found ways to enhance their lips. Mesopotamian women, likely the inventors of lipstick, used crushed semi-precious stones to decorate their lips over 5,000 years ago. Dyes made from various natural substances, such as a combination of beeswax and plant dyes, were used by Egyptian women and, it’s believed that Cleopatra concocted her lipstick from the red color extracted from crushed ants and carmine beetles!

How to Have Fuller Lips in Less Than an Hour

The best solution for a plumper pout is through the use of dermal fillers. In my plastic surgery office, I employ two specific dermal fillers to create exquisitely beautiful lips: JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® and Restylane Silk®. With a few precisely placed injections, these fillers enhance the lips by:

  • Adding or restoring volume to thin lips
  • Defining the edges of the lips
  • Improving lip symmetry
  • Filling in lines around the lips (lip lines, smoker’s lines)

The natural-looking results last approximately 6 months for Silk and up to a year for VOLBELLA. Find out why I prefer fillers over fat grafting in a separate blog post.

If you’d like to enhance the appearance of your lips, call my office at 800-721-3244 to schedule an appointment or complete this online contact form. In an hour or less, you can possess youthful, plump and sensuous lips!

To your health & beauty,

Gus Galante, MD, FACS
Board Certified Indiana Plastic Surgeon

Updated July 2019

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