In The News: The Tie Tuck

It’s all the rage in Hollywood. According to an article in the April 26th Hollywood Reporter magazine, Hollywood’s leading men—both on and off screen—are scheduling appointments with their plastic surgeons for the latest in aesthetic surgery: the Tie Tuck. If the man in your life admires the jawlines of Brad Pitt or Daniel Craig, aesthetic adjustments can be made—even though we don’t call it a “Tie Tuck” here in my Indiana plastic surgery practice.

What’s a Tie Tuck?
First, some background! As we age, both men and women experience these two physical changes (among others!):

  1. Shrinking of the facial bones, including the jaw bone
  2. Descent of the fat pads that form the cheeks

The result is drooping of facial tissues onto the lower half of the face, creating jowls. While drooping cheek pads can be treated with fillers that lift the cheeks, it’s a temporary fix. A facelift will also lift the drooping facial tissues off the jaw area, but some patients either aren’t ready for a facelift procedure or want to put it off as long as possible. Enter the Tie Tuck.

The Tie Tuck was created by David Colbert, MD, a NYC dermatologist. This 2-hour procedure uses a combination of Ultherapy and radiofrequency waves to tighten skin; Kybella® to decrease the appearance of the fat beneath the chin (the dreaded “double chin”); dermal filler injections, such as Juvéderm or Restylane, to plump, and Botox® to weaken the muscles that pull the face downward. Colbert maintains that this can be done annually to maintain results.

Although we don’t call it a Tie Tuck, I’ve long treated the problem of jowls in both men and women with injectables, turning to a facelift when injectables no longer maintain the desired improvement. While neither facelifts nor injectables offer a permanent correction, a facelift can improve ones appearance for up to ten years or so.

If you—or the man in your life—have concerns about jowling or other facial aging problems, contact my office today for a consultation. We’ll review all your options and, together, agree on the one that’s best for you. Contact either of my two plastic surgery offices by calling 800-721-3244 or completing this online consultation request form.

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