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While breast augmentation is still the #1 performed plastic surgery for American women, both across the US and in our Schererville and Valparaiso plastic surgery practice, what might surprise you is that breast lift procedures are gaining in popularity, with an increase of 70% since 2000. I’d like to share some reasons for this phenomenon.

The professional plastic surgery association for board certified plastic surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, shares plastic surgery statistics on an annual basis. Here are some of their findings:

  • In 2019, although nearly 300,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed in the US, this was 14,000 fewer breast implant procedures than were performed in the previous year (2018).
  • In 2019, just over 113,000 breast lift procedures were performed in the US, an increase of 4,000 procedures compared to the previous year. While I would not call this a significant increase, it is interesting that breast augmentations are “down,” while breast lifts are “up.”

[NOTE: I did not include the 2020 statistics because plastic surgery procedures were highly affected by the Covid-19 shutdown across the US.]

What Has Created The Increased Interest in Breast Lift Procedures?

In any statistical change, there are likely to be multiple factors. I believe the following are a few of the primary reasons for the increase in breast lift procedures:

  1. An Increased Acceptance of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Our culture continues to normalize physical enhancements from tooth whitening to facelifts and everything in between. This acceptance has created an increase in almost all plastic surgery procedures over the past 25 years. Enhancements once reserved only for the wealthy are increasingly enjoyed by middle-class Americans.

  1. An Aging US Population.

As with other parts of the human anatomy, a woman’s breasts will soften and sag with age. Our crop of baby boomers are committed to aging as healthfully as possible and, with that, maintaining their physical appearance.

  1. Breast Lifts Are Often Part of a Combination Breast Surgery Procedure

It is fairly common that women who consult with me for breast enlargement or reduction are found to require a breast lift in order to obtain the most attractive result.

  1. An Increase in Breastfeeding

It’s no surprise that breastfeeding contributes to breast sagging. More women breastfeed their babies now than in previous years. For example, in 1993, approximately 57% of American infants were breastfed. This increased to 82.5% by 2014. It’s a logical assumption that more women today who breastfeed creates more women with breast sagging.

Aging, childbearing and breastfeeding are factors that contribute to breast sagging, as do fluctuations in weight, smoking, and a woman’s failure to wear supportive bras on a consistent basis. Here in our NW Indiana plastic surgery practice, breast lifts are a common procedure that has brought immense satisfaction to our patients.

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