Breast Implant “Softening”


My NW Indiana breast augmentation surgery patients tell me that, once healing has taken place, they are delighted with their results. Many of them have waited years to have breasts that match the rest of their silhouette, and enjoy clothes shopping more than ever–for some of them, the first time ever!

Breast Implants Do Not Immediately Look “Natural”

Although I tell my patients that their implants will initially feel too high on the chest wall and overly firm, and will soften with time, it’s only natural that these women want to know how quickly their breast implant results will appear “normal.”

Although there is no “one size fits all” answer to that question, as every woman’s body is different from another woman, in general, somewhere between two and six months most women find that the hardness and high position of the implants have settled into a “normal” looking profile.

There is a term called “fluffing” that describes the process of softening of the implants. Keep in mind that some of the implant firmness is due to swelling in the area. As the swelling subsides, and the implants move deeper into the breast pocket, the results are more pleasing. This placement issue differs somewhat between the size of the implants and the positioning: in general, the larger the implant, the longer the fluffing. Most patients feel no unusual hardness to the implants by the six-month mark, and some feel this much earlier. If you have had new breast implants and still feel a hardness at the six-month mark, consult with Dr. Galante to be certain you are not experiencing what is called a “capsular contracture,” which is a hardening of the pocket that must be repaired.

How Can Implants Soften More Quickly?

There are a few methods to speed the fluffing process, including daily massage (ask Dr. Galante about this before you do it), that involves pressing the implants up, down, in and out a few times a day. Studies show that this not only can help the implants settle (by expanding the implant pocket) but can also prevent the aforementioned capsular contracture.

When Should I Call Dr. Galante?

If you are experiencing any initial concerns with sutures, unusual swelling, infection (redness/heat) or you experience hardness of the implants beyond the six-month mark, you should call Dr. Galante’s office.

Breast augmentation is a wonderful procedure for women who desire fuller breasts. We look forward to seeing you in consultation: just call us at 800-721-3244 to schedule your appointment.

To your health & beauty,

Gus Galante, MD, FACS
NW Indiana Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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