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You may already know that most women’s breasts are not identical in size. As a matter of fact, one breast is always slightly different in either size or shape (or both) than the other breast. Women come to my NW Indiana plastic surgery practice when the difference in size or shape is so profound that it is difficult to find bras that fit or or because their breast asymmetry is embarrassing to them. If you are one of those women, you’ll be happy to know that your problem can be resolved.

What are Asymmetrical Breasts?

Asymmetrical breasts are breasts that are very different in size, with “very different” best defined by the woman it affects. This usually becomes apparent during or soon after puberty, when one breast develops at a different rate than the other. It can also be caused by hormone changes during pregnancy or by trauma.

Indiana women come to our NW Indiana plastic surgery practice to discuss solutions to breast asymmetry because they have great difficulty finding bras, swimwear and other clothing to fit well, due to the differences between their two breasts. Women who are embarrassed by their breasts often have self-esteem and self-confidence issues because of it. Although their family and friends might not notice or mention it, these women see themselves in the mirror on a regular basis and are dismayed by what they see. Understandably, they avoid wearing anything tight-fitting such as a swimsuit, exercise clothing or clingy blouses that expose their lopsidedness. Furthermore, physical pain can occur when one breast is much larger than the other and having more weight on one side of the body can lead to other challenges. Lastly, physical intimacy is often negatively impacted.

Treating Breast Asymmetry

There are several options to treat asymmetric breasts, including the option of reducing the size of the larger breast via breast reduction so the larger breast is similar to the smaller one or, conversely, performing a breast augmentation procedure or fat transfer to the smaller breast. This may or may not require a breast lift. (Check out those options by clicking the links above).

The Bottom Line
If you or someone you know is concerned about breast asymmetry, urge them to contact me for an evaluation. There are options that can be undertaken to solve this challenge!

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