The Botox® Forehead Lift

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Many men and women find that, as they age, their eyebrows begin to droop. This aging pattern creates the impression of anger or fatigue, even if the individual is neither, and is often coupled with deep furrows in the forehead. The plastic surgery procedure most often chosen by these patients is called a forehead lift. But there’s an alternative to the forehead lift via careful injections of Botox®, and many Indiana men and women enjoy excellent results with this nonsurgical option.

Does BOTOX Lift Your Forehead?

Yes, BOTOX injections can create an elevated appearance to your forehead. As you likely know, Botox has been used for almost 20 years to weaken certain muscles in the face that can cause vertical lines between the brows and crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes.

What you may not know is that Botox can be injected into the forehead to both minimize wrinkles and furrows and to lift the brows. It’s so effective that many of my Chicago area Botox patients have added it to their quarterly anti-aging regimen. Refinery29 offers more details in The BOTOX Brow Lift Is Hollywood’s Best-Kept Secret.

BOTOX can be used to rejuvenate and refine many other areas of the face and neck. Read our related blog post to learn more about the benefits and features of BOTOX.

The Benefits of the Botox Forehead Lift

One benefit is the quick results! In only 15 to 20 minutes, I can inject Botox into your forehead and you’ll be back to your work or social activities immediately after.

Within 2 to 3 days you’ll see the results, which will last about 3 to 4 months. You can see the rejuvenating effect of BOTOX by browsing through my patients’ before-and-after photos.

Another benefit is that quarterly injections will maintain your more youthful appearance without surgery. Lastly, placing some Juvéderm® dermal filler beneath the brow can help lift it for an even better result.

Although patients come to me for my skill and experience in plastic surgery, those attributes are just as important in non-surgical anti-aging treatments. If you or someone you know has concerns about their facial aging pattern, call my Indiana plastic surgery office at 800-721-3244 or complete our online contact form.

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Board Certified Indiana Plastic Surgeon

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