5 Things You Should Know Before Breast Augmentation (According to Real Patients)

Woman happily tries on dresses after breast augmentation.

When I perform breast augmentation here in Schererville, IN, I do my best to give women all the information they need before surgery and then some. Over my years of practice, however, I’ve become familiar with a few things some women say they were surprised about after going through the experience themselves.

In this blog post, I’m drawing on my real breast augmentation patients’ own words to offer some helpful insight and discuss 5 things you should know before the big day.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The secret to exceptional breast augmentation results is choosing a size that flatters your body, which doesn’t necessarily mean a huge size increase. Even a moderate increase can make all the difference in your shape and your confidence.

“I feel that Dr. Galante takes a lot of consideration when helping patients choose implant sizes and actually makes sure that patients are fitted with a realistic size that will look good and natural… I now have breasts that I can show off and that allow me to be more comfortable in my own skin.”—RealPatientRatings Review

When Choosing a Surgeon, Compassion Is Just as Important as Credentials

In addition to choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon, you should choose a surgeon who makes you feel cared for and listened to. You and your surgeon will be working in partnership to create your dream body, so you should only work with someone you feel you can really trust.

“I knew Dr. Galante was the right doctor for me at my first consult. He really listened to what I wanted to achieve. Everything was explained very clear to me so I had a very good understanding of what to expect.” —RealSelf Review

It’s Normal to Be Nervous

Most people feel some uncertainty before surgery, but they end up loving their results once the procedure is complete. Don’t worry if you feel some butterflies heading into surgery. Your surgical team will be there to support you and keep you safe each step of the way.

“I was beyond nervous on the day of surgery, but the surgical staff were comforting and informative. Dr. Galante took time out of his day to call me in the evening to check on me.” —RealPatientRatings Review

Your Wardrobe Is About to Expand Dramatically

Many women find breast augmentation helps them fill out clothes in a way they could not before. Bikinis, low-cut tops, new styles of bras, and more all await. You may need a shopping trip or 2 to build a wardrobe that shows off your new look the way you want it to.

“I can wear any shirt I want! I don’t have to wear a bra with dresses anymore! I can actually fill out my tops! I can wear lowcut tops without worrying about people seeing how asymmetrical I am! It has been so freeing, truly! You can’t put a price on that feeling!” —RealPatientRatings Review

You’ll Wish You Had Done It Sooner

Breast augmentation is a life-changing procedure for many women, and most people who commit to surgery after considering it for years wish they had done so sooner.

“After years and years of being envious of women with breasts, I finally decided to do something about it. Now I wish I would have done this years ago. Dr. and staff were all wonderful! I would go through this again tomorrow. No regrets!” —Patient Testimonial

To see examples of the results these and other real patients have achieved with breast augmentation, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about what to expect from breast augmentation in the Munster, IN, area, please contact us online or call (219) 322-3131 (Schererville) or (219) 299-9300 (Valparaiso).

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