April’s Breast Augmentation

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Like many women in their 30’s, April is the mom of young children. She also takes pride in her body, being a body builder and fitness model. Before starting her family, she was content with the size of her breasts, which were a modest size 34B. “After my second child, I barely filled an A cup,” she recalls. “I basically had nothing left.” This is a common disappointment women have after pregnancy and nursing, not only do their breasts stretch out; they also can lose volume, leaving very little natural breast tissue.

When she felt her family was complete, April decided it was time to resolve her concerns about her breasts. In spite of taking excellent care of her body by exercising and eating right, she realized that there was nothing she could to do restore her breasts to their pre-pregnancy size and shape. She just wanted them to be full and shapely again. She decided to find out if breast augmentation surgery could help her achieve what she couldn’t achieve through her most dedicated efforts.

Selecting a Special Surgeon

Being confident about your choice of cosmetic surgeon can make the whole process effortless. April considered herself lucky to have a glowing referral from a trusted friend who had gone to Dr. Galante 2 years earlier for breast augmentation. “My friend was very happy with the way she was treated by Dr. Galante and his staff, and with her results,” April said. “That was enough for me. I gave his office a call scheduled a consult.” April also had been visiting Dr. Galante’s Web site regularly since her friend’s surgery, learning as much as she could about breast augmentation and what to expect.

Right away, April was comfortable with Dr. Galante’s practice. “His office staff was not uppity like the cosmetic surgery practices I’d seen on TV,” she recalls. “They were friendly and supportive throughout the whole experience.” During her consult, Dr. Galante never made her feel rushed or self-conscious. He agreed that breast augmentation in Indiana could give her the improvements she desired, and suggested an appropriate size for her implants.

When April returned for her pre-op appointment 1 week before surgery, she tried on a bra with the breast implant sizers that Dr. Galante recommended. She agreed that the size was right on; not too big, but not too small. After being given the choice of silicone or saline implants, April decided on saline. “I actually liked the feel of the saline better,” she said, “and just in case they leaked, I wouldn’t have to worry.” Many women appreciate the smaller incisions that can be used to insert the saline implants, as well.

Personalized Procedure

April arrived at the surgery center for her late morning surgery, was prepped, and then put under general anesthesia. “The only thing I remember after that is waking up, looking down, and seeing how great I looked already.” Dr. Galante used the inframammary incision (along the breast crease) and placed the implants behind the chest muscles for a natural-looking contour. The breast augmentation surgery went smoothly, and was complete in about 2 hours.

Confidence Restored

The first day home, April was tired and groggy from the surgery. She quickly recovered, needing help with her children for only a few days. April is thrilled with her enhanced, more shapely breasts that now fill out a full C cup, “My confidence is way up,” she says. “My breasts look beautiful and natural. I feel great in everything I wear now, from sports bras, to bathing suits, to everyday clothing,” she continues. “I used to feel self-conscious and cover up with my husband, now I feel fantastic.”

April’s advice to other women is simple, “If you’re thinking about it, do it. Once you’ve found a reputable doctor, don’t be afraid.”

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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