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Case 51

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Case Number: 51

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To contour her midsection and thighs, this 35 year old mother of one from Northwest Indiana chose tumescent liposuction. Like many women, she wanted her clothing to fit more comfortably and yearned to feel confident in a swimsuit again. Unlike many mothers her age, she already had a very shapely physique that needed only tailored reshaping.

The patient had localized fat deposits on her abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs, and knees. Fortunately, she had good skin tone, an important factor when selecting patients who will see the greatest benefits from tumescent liposuction. Indiana patients who start out with firmer skin tone generally see their skin retract and heal in a very smooth fashion over the newly contoured fat tissue.

This patient's procedure was performed under local anesthesia with sedation at the surgery center near my office in Indiana. Tumescent liposuction helps reduce the bruising and swelling that can occur with traditional liposuction techniques. Within a week after her procedure, she was back to her regular activities. I required her to wear a compression garment, which is easily concealed beneath clothing, for a one month after surgery to reduce swelling.

She is seen here 3 months following tumescent liposuction. The view from the back is especially remarkable because it shows the dramatic improvement to body contour and shape that liposuction makes possible. Learn how liposuction can help slim your profile by scheduling a consultation for yourself.

Patient Gender: Female

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